Bd. 89 (2024): Germany's Changing Memoryscape. Postsocialist, Postmigrant, and Postcolonial Dynamics

Germany's Changing Memoryscape - Titelbild

Germany’s memoryscape is transforming. Long structured by a focus on the Nazi past and the Holocaust, in which other memories tended to be marginalized out of concern that they might relativize this terrible history, it is increasingly incorporating – and being changed by – other strands of collective remembrance. In particular, Germany’s socialist and colonial pasts, and its multiple histories of migration are gaining significant public presence. How do these mnemonic impulses come together and interact? What are the implications for the dynamics of public remembering? Drawing on ethnographic and other original research, this issue provides new insights into the ongoing transformation.

Veröffentlicht: 2024-06-07

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